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Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012

New holiday tree installed at Soldotna Creek Park

Reader comments

New CHRISTMAS TREE installed at Soldtona Creek Park

Someone deliberately put "holiday tree" in this headline instead of Christmas Tree. I doubt any of the people interviewed related to the installation dubbed it a "holiday tree," especially when futher reading into the article it is called a Christmas tree. As far as tradition goes they have always been called Christmas Trees. Not that Christmas trees are needed to celebrate Christmas, originally they were a pagan symbol. So if you want to call it a Pagan Tree I am okay with that. What I am not okay with is activists who try to take the "Christ" out of Christmas. Calling it a "holiday tree" is a new-fanagled Athiest trick- now we know how the Clarion feels about Christ.

Localmrs 12/13/12 9:02 AM

Holiday Tree " My achin politicly correct back"

We are way to far north and have way more collective common sense than this,The Clarion should be ashamed.

jjwhite 12/13/12 11:13 AM

Still Trying to Figure her out

The same author of this article also did a word placement in an article this past September during the Fall Feasts of God mentioned in Leviticus 23;.
I wonder if it's intentional to provoke anger & comments or just a way of sharing differant sides of issues for comments.
My beliefs are that Christ was born on one of the 3 Fall Feasts of Rosh Hashanah the Feast of trumpets, Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement or lastly Sukkot the Feast of Tabernacles, all celebrated in Sept. or Oct. Shepards would still be in the fields of Israel due to the weather in Sept. Oct. but not in December.
Personally i think Christ was born on the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah as this was the original day of Creation, it was the day when Noah came off the Ark, it is the day a Jewish King is crowned, as well as the day a King is married. It is also the day that signals a New Year, as well as the End of the Wheat Harvest and it's all signaled by the blowing of Trumpets and singing, shouting and celebrating of New Things, Beginnings. Christs birth would have been a New Beginning and is known as the Age of Grace, salvation to ALL the World for ALL that accept this Free gift of Gods.
I personally believe that this could be the Feast when Christ returns for his Bride, the Church and at the Last Trumpet blast the Believers will stop what they are doing and go up to the Temple to celebrate just as Jews did in history past when they heard the Trumpets blast. Jewish Believers would stop and go up to worship while the nonbelievers would continue on with life unaware of whats happening, thus so will Christian Believers in Yeshua some day as well.
As for December 25, it was assigned as the official day to worship the sun god by Roman emperor Aurelian in 274 a.d. known as Natilis Solis Invicti, the feastival of the birth of the invincible sun.
Roman Catholic Pope Julius I in 320 a.d. decided he had enough of churches celebrating Christ bday at differant times and also addopted Dec. 25 as the official day. 5 years later when Constantine the Great decided he was a christian he made Dec. 25 as the immovable feast day for Christs birth. Thus we have it, our very own Pagan, Supposed Christian, feast day to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, the Son of God during the sun god feast.
What a Mess.

Watchman on the Wall 12/13/12 11:46 AM

Its nice

Geez - Its nice whatever anybody wants to call the new Christmas Tree. I saw it this morning on my way to work. I don't care what others call the holiday, nor what religion they subscribe to. I do think its goofy that the comments on the nice addition to Soldotna only focus on what a reporter wants to call it.

Erinyes 12/13/12 1:12 PM

CHRISTMAS tree you politically correct idiots

There's more CHRISTMAS music in the Middle East than there is in America thanks to Democrats and liberals.

KenaiKardinal88 12/13/12 2:45 PM

i agree with the above comments

i read this article after seeing the headline and was already to blast the clarion regarding the reference to "holiday" tree. after reading the article i find that i was not the only one who felt disgust over that use of the word "holiday". i have yet to see a hannukka tree, an allah plant, winter festival tree or holiday tree. they are christmas trees. in my mind, it has nothing to do with political correctness at all, the tree we decorate during the christmas season IS a christmas tree.

bagpiper51 12/13/12 3:50 PM

It is a Fox Watcher War

First of all the person that has the byline does not write the headline, then count the times the word 'Christmas' was written in the story, now take a deep breath and try to enjoy the spirit of the season and try not to make some contrived reason to go on the defensive for an imagined FOX TV manufactured slight. Or, go on and feel miserable and attack that dreaded word Holiday, you know like the Koch brothers gas stations.

Suss 12/13/12 11:27 PM


Holiday tree? HOLIDAY TREE? H*O*L*I*D*A*Y tree???

I certainly hope this was a mistake. Please tell me our local newspaper has not been infected with the 'Politically Correct' virus?

Hopefully there will be a PUBLISHED APOLOGY about this mistake. Otherwise I might have to do what I did with the Daily Snooze and CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION.



bluffbunny 12/13/12 5:53 PM

It is intentional.

It is intentional when "holiday" replaces "Christmas" because Holiday Tree" sounds awkward and forced. There are motives behind it, whether it was the author of the article or an editor that did it. It is what it is. Don't know what Fox News has to do with this- but Fox News has the highest ratings because their reporting is closest to truth of what's happening.

Localmrs 12/13/12 6:11 PM

"Fox News has the highest

"Fox News has the highest ratings because their reporting is closest to truth of what's happening."


What i wonder is was this some form of gratitude from conoco phillips to it's Senator micchhee............

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! and Happy New Year!

Norseman 12/13/12 6:58 PM

Bias Much???

I cant believe that everyone quoted in the story says christmas but the headline magically says holiday!!!

at least the local radio news called it what it is...CHRISTMAS

ccbear 12/13/12 9:08 PM

Oh stop....

The word 'holiday' comes from an Old English word for Holy Day. It should not be offensive to most people. Stop with this nonsense. Its Christmas time and other special days are being celebrated as well.
It would be much more appropriate if at this time of year we acted peacefully and respectfully toward each other. Leave the people at the Clarion alone. All of this yammering is un-Christian. Peace...remember that? Peace on earth?
I suppose one could question whether or not the said tree is a tree given its construction but it is sort of pretty and bright. A blessed Christmas to y'all.

Redbrdee 12/13/12 11:05 PM

The Point

That's great that the root-word for holiday is day. Shall we call it a Holy Tree then? Not offended- Just a few comments because that is what this forum is for. Disscussing and debating the headline of an article is not un-Christian. Perhaps you should watch Christmas with a Capital C with one of the Baldwin Brothers...(cheesy but great family fun) We need to share our Christian Traditions with our Children in order to preserve our culture that is under attack by the secular left. The devil will try to deceive those into thinking that we should be politically correct in order to not offend people with the name of Christ and worship mute in the temple of our minds. Why is it the only "religion" under so much scrutiny in the public arena? Obviously because they know that there is power in the name of Jesus Christ.

Localmrs 12/14/12 12:37 AM

politically correct??

things have gotten so out of hand with this politically correctness that i heard santa can't even say ho ho ho anymore least he offend a "working girl". he now has to say," ladies of the night, ladies of the night, ladies of the night."

bagpiper51 12/14/12 4:50 AM