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Alaska LNG Project buying land, securing access 

The Alaska LNG Project LLC has purchased 120.


A look at the Soldotna-Skyview co-curricular consolidation

The merging of Skyview High School's co-curricular activities into those of Soldotna High School has the potential to be an example of two negatives making a positive.

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ACES is better for Alaskans

This vote is about trust. Who do you trust? Governor Parnell? Legislative leaders employed by ConocoPhillips? The leaders of the oil industry, bankers, chambers of commerce and other special interest groups all trying to buy your vote? I, on the other hand, have no vested interest in ACES or ...

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Arts & Culture

Hercules a rare disappointment from "The Rock"

Years ago I saw “The Scorpion King” starring a charismatic wrestler known as The Rock. I remember telling my wife that the movie was terrible, but the wrestler was, surprisingly, not bad. Since then, The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, as he came to be known, has made a career out of improving mediocre films with his winning personality and incredibly charismatic performances. He is a good actor, if not necessarily a great one, but he tends to boost the quality of just about any project he’s associated with. Until now. 

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