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The rules of the roundabout 

After months of shifting detours Binkley Street is completely open.


SoHi routs North Pole, pulls off 3-peat

The Soldotna Stars started fast and didn't let up Saturday afternoon at Dimond's Alumni Field in Anchorage, cruising to a 57-28 victory over North Pole that gave them a third-straight medium-schools football state championship and seventh in nine years.

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What others say: Request for recommendations from UA campuses points toward new policy

Inevitable. That's what some things are. You know them: death, taxes and extremely cold winters in Fairbanks.
Add tobacco-free to that list.
It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the University of Alaska could soon become a tobacco-free zone.

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Arts & Culture

Dracula – from villain to hero

Bram Stoker penned his classic gothic novel in 1897, and ever since, the character of Dracula has been moving steadily from villain to hero. Based on 15th century Romanian prince Vlad III, also known as the Impaler, I doubt many people from Dracula’s own time would have many positive things to say about the man, but ever since Stoker romanticized him as an elegant vampire run amok in 18th century London, his rise in stature has been inevitable. In this latest incarnation of the legend, this week’s “Dracula Untold,” Universal has upped the ante, going from a villain with some positive characteristics to full-on hero mode. Tragic hero, sure, but hero nonetheless.


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