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Latest search for family provides no leads updated 9:45pm

The ice cracked below the feet of five Kenai police investigators, and several members of Alaska media, Thursday as the group traversed frozen swampy meadows, crossed streams and searched a wooded ...

Nikiski water study underway  Last update: 9:45pm

In addition to Alaska LNG project managers, and planners from Trans-Foreland Pipeline Company, Nikiski landowners will soon have another group of surveyors knocking on their doors as contractors from DOWL HKM begin testing area wells.


Avoid a nightmare - be safe this weekend

Peninsula residents beware: Ghosts and goblins will be in out abundance this evening.
In their mad rush to get as much trick-or-treat booty as possible, many children aren't as aware of traffic as they should be during Halloween.

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Arts & Culture

Never be afraid of robots? Perhaps we should be

The weeks leading up to Halloween typically don’t offer a whole lot in the way of cinematic variety, but this year is especially bleak. On offer this week, as far as new films, it was “Ouija,” a horror film I have no intention of seeing, and “The Book of Life,” which looks cute, but which I’d already promised my little girl I would take her and her birthday party too next weekend. What’s especially galling is that there is a movie that opened wide this weekend that’s getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Keanu Reeve’s latest shoot ‘em up, a phrase that doesn’t necessarily guarantee long lines at the box office, “John Wick” (Don’t set him off!) exploded onto the scene everywhere but here, it seems. I have a friend who made firm plans to see “Wick” this weekend for his birthday, and all last week he was calling, asking if I knew what time it was going to show. “I hate to tell you this,” I said, “but I don’t actually think we’re getting it.” 

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